Hyundai Mobile Eccentric Droid MobED
Hyundai has just unveiled their Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) ahead of CES 2022 in Las Vegas next month. This is essentially an all-new and pioneering small mobility platform using cutting-edge robotics technologies that could one day be used for film shoots.

Hyundai Mobile Eccentric Droid MobED
This robot boasts a flat, rectangular body and rides on four large wheels, with an independent suspension that allows for optimal body posture as well as stable movement even on inclined or uneven roads. It’s capable of moving through complex urban environments by freely adjusting its wheelbase and steering angles, making MobED perfect for movie sets. Other features include advanced ‘Eccentric Wheel’ drive and three motors mounted to each wheel for power as well as precise steering.

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Hyundai Mobile Eccentric Droid MobED
Hyundai Mobile Eccentric Droid MobED

We have developed the MobED platform to overcome the limitations of existing indoor guide and service robots while maximising its usability in cities by dramatically improving the platform’s overall mobility. We are also looking ahead to assess how potential users of MobED will further expand their needs and use for this type of technology,” said Dong Jin Hyun, Head of Hyundai Motor Group Robotics Lab.


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