Retro Champ Portable NES
My Arcade officially announced this week that their new handheld Retro Champ game console is now available. Unlike other portable game consoles, this one actually plays both NES and Famicom cartridges, complete with a built-in 7” screen that can also be output to a modern TV using HDMI out. This means g amers can test out cartridges on-the-go or simply enjoy the classic couch-side experience by connecting it to an HDTV and pairing it with up to two Super GamePad wireless controllers.

Retro Champ Premium Bundle - Portable Gaming Console with 2 Controllers - Compatible with Nintendo NES and Famicom Games
  • NES and Famicom - Experience a new way to play all your classic games. The Retro Champ plays both classic NES and Famicom cartridges, at home or on the go!
  • PORTABLE - Now you can take your classic games on the go, the Retro Champ is fully portable so that you can bring it on the road to play with your friends!
  • CLASSIC GAMES, NEW FEATURES - Full color 7-inch screen, rechargeable battery with 3-5 hours of playtime, built-in kick stand, and HDMI connection to TV.
My Arcade Retro Champ - Portable Gaming Console - Compatible with Nintendo NES and Famicom Games - NES;, Black (DGUN-2976)
  • Play NES and Famicom cartridges on-the-go
  • Full color 7 inch screen, and up to 5 hours of playtime
  • Connect to TV via HDMI

This handheld device also contains a built-in cleaning kit built directly into the console to keep old cartridges in perfect shape. Whether a retro gamer, casual player, or cartridge-hunter on the move, this portable device adds layer of mobility, convenience, and versatility that you could only dream of in the past.

From its inception, the Retro Champ was designed with retro game enthusiasts in mind. We wanted to make a console that enabled collectors to quickly and conveniently test or play their classic games and import titles on-the-go. Furthermore, we wanted retro gamers to enjoy their vintage game titles with friends and allow them to easily connect the console to modern TV sets,” said Amir Navid, SVP Product Development and Creative Director at My Arcade.


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