Nintendo Switch Pro
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The Nintendo Switch Pro has been in development for quite some time, and just recently, new rumors have surfaced. This next-generation handheld console allegedly will have NVIDIA’s deep learning super sampling (DLSS), which is basically an image upscaling technology that uses deep learning to upscale lower-resolution images. In other words, it upscales images with quality similar to that of rendering the image natively in say 4K, but with far less computation done by the video card, enabling higher graphic settings and frame rates for a given resolution.

Aside from NVIDIA DLSS, it is also reported to have 4K resolution functionality. First party support should continue with the new hardware and the current devices for at least a few more years. Unfortunately, no other information regarding a release date or pricing have not yet been revealed.
Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray
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Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray
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Let’s say I’m confident it gets announced this year. A delay to 2022 would need to be communicated in the next few months, as dev kits and third-party partners begin to plan software for the device. As of this very moment (Feb 18, 2021), I believe the hope remains for a 2021 launch,” said industry insider NateDrake.


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