Sonic the Hedgehog Statue Japan
When on a motorcycle ride through the countryside in Japan (Kansai region’s Mie Prefecture), the last thing you’d expect to see would be a giant Sonic the Hedgehog statue, but that’s exactly what happened with a group of friends back in 2015. Some internet sleuths discovered that pictures exist of it online from 2009, so nobody can really pinpoint where exactly it came from. Unfortunately, the statue was left in disarray for quite some times, that is until…August 2020.

Many rumors are swirling about its origins, with some saying it came from an old arcade and the most believable being that it was placed there after an official SEGA World theme park closed. Allegedly, some local farmers as well as industrialists purchased the item and has kept it tucked away for around 10-15 years. It has now been mysteriously restored to its former glory.

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