SunCity Camp Mars Wadi Rum Jordan
There are many reasons why humans should eventually colonize Mars, and the main ones include long-term scientific research, possible business interests, and just plain curiosity. Thanks to the planet’s surface conditions and the presence of water, it’s currently the most hospitable of the planets in our Solar System, besides our own. However, it will be years until humans step foot on the Martian soil, but SunCity Camp will let you experience the landscape right here on Earth.

Situated in the red desert of Wadi Rum Village in Jordan, visitors can choose to stay in either Bedouin-style tents or geodesic domes, with each choice offering hotel-like amenities, such as private bathrooms, terraces, king-sized beds, and of course breathtaking views of the mountains.

SunCity Camp
SunCity Camp
Need to stay connected? Just head on over to the reception tent, as they’ve equipped it with high-speed WiFi. There may not be any fast food, or restaurants for that matter, but the camp does have authentic Middle Eastern meals, which should more than satisfy your hunger.

SunCity Camp
SunCity Camp
What better way to see the stunning landscape than on a jeep tour or dune buggy ride? If you’d rather see things from above, you’ll also be able to book a hot air balloon tour.


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