Nzuri Superyacht
Photo credit: Kyron Design
When it comes to superyachts, the sky is the limit, as long as your budget it large enough. Kyron Design’s Nzuri proves that point, as it’s loaded with ultra luxurious amenities, including autonomous electric Audi SUVs. The exterior appears to be fighter jet-inspired with its sharp, angular lines, steel hull and partial fiberglass superstructure. Step inside, and you’re greeted with premium woods, marble and lots of floor to ceiling windows throughout.

Scout Stop Stay Camper eBike
CreaCon’s Scout Camper for electric bikes may be the safest – due to the pandemic – and most efficient way to go backpacking. Not only does it turn your eBike into a tiny home on wheels, but there’s plenty of storage space for all your gear. Designed primarily for overnight stays, fishing trips, or even food vendors, it’s currently available in two one-person variants: Compact and Center. Want to bring a friend along? There’s going to be a two-person configuration soon.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan Update
Photo credit: Twitter / The Sankei News
Set to open in Spring 2021 ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is a sight to behold. These recent aerial photos provided by The Sankei News shows that it is nearing completion and walled off from the other sections of the park to provide maximum immersion. Guests enter the land using a warp pipe located at an entrance plaza, complete with themed lamp posts and a power star in the pavement.

The Space by EcoCapsule Solar Powered Tiny Home
Always wanted a tiny home that can be setup anywhere in the world? Introducing The Space by Ecocapsule, and just like its predecessor, this solar-powered living space retains its capsule shape. Measuring 15′ x 7.2′ and spanning 88-square-feet, it boasts a fiberglass shell that covers a steel frame and insulated with polyurethane foam. To get inside, simply slide the small front door open.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
The eleventh installment of Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), developed by Asobo Studio, is set to be the most realistic yet. This game simulates the entire Earth using textures and topographical data pulled directly from Bing Maps. Players will find photorealistic 3D representations of the world’s features, like terrain, trees, grass, buildings, and water. These textures will be generated using Microsoft Azure technology.