The Simpsons Bug Squad SEGA Dreamcast
The Simpsons fans rejoice! Here’s one game you’ve most certainly never seen or heard of, especially since it was originally supposed to be released for the SEGA Dreamcast. The Simpsons: Bug Squad! was discovered by a user over at the Dreamcast-Talk forums, who just so happened to stumble upon a broken Dreamcast dev kit hard drive with this game on it. User Megavolt85 didn’t just find the files, but also managed to get it running for everyone to see.

For a game slated for release sometime between 1999 – 2001, the cell-shaded graphics definitely don’t look half bad. Unfortunately, you don’t get to play as any of The Simpsons characters, but rather a mosquito or fly that roams around the house. For those interested in the studio that was developing the game, it was Red Lemon.
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