2013 Mercedes F1 Car Lewis Hamilton For Sale Auction
This Mercedes F1 car was driven by Lewis Hamilton at 14 out of the 19 events during the 2013 Formula One season, and it was the winner of the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix. Power comes from a naturally aspirated 2.4L V8 engine with an 18,000-rpm redline generating 750 horsepower with an additional 80 horsepower available through the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), mated to a seven-speed semi-automatic transmission.

Red Bull F1 Car vs MotoGP Bike Rally Car Electric Van Drag Racing
Most would assume a Redbull RB8 F1 car would be the quickest in a drag race, but when pit against a MotoGP bike, rally car, and electric van in the ultimate drag racing showdown, things are a lot closer than you may think. For starters, the 850 hp F1 car weighs a mere 1,543 pounds, while the KTM RC16 bike clocks in at just 346 pounds and makes 270 hp.