Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2022 F1 Safety Car
Its official, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and GT 63 S 4MATIC+ are the new safety cars for the 2022 F1 season. One thing you might notice that is different from the past might be the lack of a light bar on the roof, and that’s because the signaling has been moved to the upper area of the windscreen, while the rearward-facing lights have been seamlessly integrated into the rear spoiler.

Cranfield F1 Simulator
Let’s face it, most auto enthusiasts will never get the chance to drive a real F1 racecar, regardless of how wealthy they may be. However, if you fall into the latter group, there may be a solution. Introducing the Cranfield Full Motion + G-Force F1 Simulator, which recreates the racing experience at home. That’s right, you’ll be able to choose just about any car and build it to your desired specifications before hitting the circuits worldwide.

Escapade Silverstone Home
Photo credit: Twelve Architects
Racing fans rejoice! Twelve Architects is planning to build 60 residences directly overlooking the famed Silverstone Circuit in England. Called “Escapade Silverstone,” these units can either be used as a short-term rental or purchased outright, should you just want to live there full-time. The community will include front-row trackside residences that all have direct views over the circuit with architecture inspired by the notion of ‘Slipstreaming,’ where a vehicle follows closely behind another and travels in its slipstream before an overtake attempt.