BMW Motorrad R 18 Spirit of Passion Kingston Custom
Kingston Custom took the BMW Motorrad R 18 and transformed it into the Art Deco-inspired “Spirit of Passion,” but the most surprising thing is that he left the original frame intact. Modifications include handmade Kingston design bodywork, complete with unique handlebars and mudguard. The exhaust has been given a Kingston Roadster makeover, while his saddle is drawn from his shop’s range of universal accessories.

Jetpack Guy LAX Drone
The Sling Pilot Academy spotted the bizarre “Jetpack Guy” flying at 3,000-feet near LAX back in December, and just recently, somebody discovered a humanoid drone that matches its description. To be more specific, it’s basically a 1:1 human mannequin strapped to a drone that can be remote controlled from afar, called the Duocopter with KK 2.15 Flightboard. Despite its size, this drone weighs in at just 10.7-pounds and powered by two 250Kv brushless airplane motors connected to a 10S 3000mah lithium polymer battery.

Blastoise Pokemon Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Holo Card
Many investors are diversifying their portfolios with trading cards, and that has caused Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) to sky rocket in value. One such example of a high-valued card is this Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Holo, which is just one of two that exist in the world. It’s actually a commission by Wizards of the Coast in mid-1998 to Belguim-based Cartamundi to print these cards to show Nintendo for possible approval to begin printing Pokémon cards in English.

Tunda Detachable Gamepad Smartphone Switch
Photo credit: Diego Schreibvogel Cases
When it comes to mobile gaming, sacrifices need to be made, or at least when you’re talking about smartphones. Sometimes, touchscreen controls just don’t work as well as an actual gamepad, and that’s where Tundra comes in. Simply put, it consists of two halves, with each one magnetically attaching to a smartphone. Once secured, you’ll only have to pair it with your device, and it’s ready to go. One size fits most smartphones, so you won’t have to do any tinkering.

Samsung Blade Bezel Laptop OLED UPC
Want more screen real estate without having to lug around a large laptop? If so, then meet the Samsung Blade Bezel. Its main highlight is display has almost no bezel, thanks to a claimed 93% screen-to-body ratio. This is made possible with a new type of Samsung OLED display that incorporates an under-display camera, enabling the panel itself to measure in at just 1mm, while weighing a svelte 130g.