Photographer Drone LEDs
Photo credit: Reuben Wu
Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu uses drones equipped with LEDs to illuminate shots for his Lux Noctis series. The latest location was Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, also known as the world’s largest salt flat. To capture these stunning images, he used a $57K Phase One XT camera capable of capturing 150-megapixel photographs. His favorite memory from his Bolivian adventure was shooting the salt flats at sunset because of the way the light hit the polygon-like shapes on the ground and.

North Pool Igloo Hotel
Scandinavia-based travel company Luxury Action is set to offer a luxurious high-cost adventure that includes spending the night inside a heated igloo at the North Pole. Priced at $105K per person and only available in April 2020, guests will traverse to the northernmost point in the world for the “North Pole Igloos” experience, which consists of heated glass igloos that have been tested in “extreme arctic weather conditions.

Eagle Rock Cliffs Hotel
Photo credit: Weiqi Jin | Vague Edge Architectural Design
Beijing-based Duoxiangjie Architectural Design wanted to create something special for the Mufu and Lianyu mountains in China. So, they came up with Eagle Rock Cliffs at the Pingjian Homey Wild Luxury Hotel. Simply put, this complex consists of three separate buildings: Dinghui, Ziyahui, and Yanshang. Each one has its own distinctive feel, but all offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

SunCity Camp Mars Wadi Rum Jordan
There are many reasons why humans should eventually colonize Mars, and the main ones include long-term scientific research, possible business interests, and just plain curiosity. Thanks to the planet’s surface conditions and the presence of water, it’s currently the most hospitable of the planets in our Solar System, besides our own. However, it will be years until humans step foot on the Martian soil, but SunCity Camp will let you experience the landscape right here on Earth.