Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Printer
In most cases, a temporary tattoo refers to a non-permanent image that can either be drawn, painted, airbrushed, or needled in the same way as a permanent one, but with an ink that dissolves in the blood within 6 months. Many have either seen or used decal-style temporary tattoos, but what about Prinker S? This temporary tattoo printer basically sprays ink onto your skin in any design you want using cosmetic ink-filled cartridges.

CyberMini Tesla Cybertruck
Always wanted a remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck, or at least a miniature 1:17 scale model? If so, then look no further than the CyberMini. Limited to just 40-units due to the time consuming nature of hand building each one, the scale model can either be used as a decorative piece, or driven around like a normal remote-controlled car. Its build around a core chassis for the ultimate in rigidity as well as durability.

Selpic P1 Smallest Handheld Printer
Printers are nothing new, but the Selpic P1 is unofficially the world’s smallest handheld printer. It basically uses inkjet technology and works just like a pen, thus enabling you to print photos, barcodes, QR codes, or plain text on just about any flat surface. Despite its size, the printer can work at any angle, including horizontal / vertical orientations, and can quickly switch printing direction from left to right or vice versa.

Apple iCamera
Photo credit: Cha Hee Lim
Could Apple release a dedicated digital camera in the future? Probably not, but designer Cha Hee Lim gives us a firsthand look at what such a device could look like, and it’s called the Apple iCamera. For those who don’t know, the Apple QuickTake digital camera was first launched in 1994 and sold for three years before being discontinued in 1997. A total of three models were offered, including the 100 / 150, which were actually built by Kodak, and then the 200, manufactured by Fujifilm.