Jackson Chung


Hyundai POREST RV Motorhome
Hyundai isn’t exactly synonymous with RVs or motorhomes, but their POREST – a compound word of the Hyundai ‘Porter’ and ‘rest’ – vehicle is exactly that. You’ll find the main entrance to this mini home on the right, while both sides are windows that give it greater sense of openness. For those who want some shade when camping in non-shaded areas, you could opt for a manual awning. Out back, there’s a cargo area to store chairs, tables and other equipment.

Alien Movie Apartment Spaceship Nostromo
Photo credit: Luis Nostromo
Film buffs are most likely very familiar with Alien, a science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott that follows the crew of the commercial space tug Nostromo. It is there where they encounter the eponymous Alien, an extremely dangerous extraterrestrial set loose on the spaceship. Luis Nostromo from Barcelona loves the films so much that he has transformed his apartment into a spaceship-like museum themed after the franchise.

Canon PowerShot Zoom Monocular
Whether it be hiking, bird watching or a sporting event, an imaging tool that lets you see the action up-close could come in handy. Introducing the Canon PowerShot ZOOM, which is claimed to be the company’s first telephoto monocular. Featuring 100mm, 400mm and 800mm telephoto viewing capability with a one-touch switch, this monocular comes equipped with instant zoom for viewing things afar.

LEGO Star Wars 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina
The LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina set brings one of the Skywalker saga’s most iconic locations to life, complete with smugglers, musicians, bounty hunters and Jedi Knights. At 3,187-pieces, the set stands over 7.5” (19cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) wide and 23” (58cm) deep when fully built and opened. That’s right, you can open up the set’s removable roof to view its details or even act Star Wars: A New Hope scenes using the included mini-figures.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Reveal
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
Apple sent out invites for a “Hi, Speed” event earlier this week, and it’s expected that the company will reveal their next-generation iPhones. For those who want the biggest and best, look no further than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It will reportedly feature a 6.7″ Super Retina XDR OLED display (possibly 120Hz), an A14 processor, 6GB of RAM, and a triple rear camera setup with a LiDAR 3D sensor.