Day Octopus Sleeping Dream Changing Colors
They day octopus can be found primarily in both the Pacific and Indian Oceans, all the way from Hawaii to the eastern coast of Africa. Since it hides on and around coral reefs, it’s an expert at camouflage. This creature can not only change colors frequently, but its patterns and the texture of its skin as well. It was even observed to change its appearance 1000 times in seven hours by a researcher.

This sleeping day octopus was captured on video by marine biologist Dr. David Scheel who says the color changing occurred during a dream. He assumes that she captured a crab, which initiates the color change, and when turns all dark when it begins eating. This will hide her from predators and other marine life. These color changes are instantaneous and made by chromatophores controlled directly by its brain. It even sometimes mimics a dark shadow passing across its surface when stationary near prey, like a crab, to encourage it to move haphazardly.


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