iPhone Drop Taiwan Sun Moon Lake
Taiwan may be experiencing its worst drought in 56-years, but for one man, this is a blessing. This person was paddleboarding on the famous Sun Moon Lake during March, 2020, when the iPhone 11 Pro Max that he wore around his neck in a waterproof bag accidentally fell into the body of water after slipping. Since the lake has basically dried up, the man, surnamed Chen, was able to retrieve it, and after removing the phone, everything powered up like new.

Apple Car Wireless Charging
Photo credit: Emre Husmen
Codenamed Project Titan, Apple’s electric car is still under wraps, but details are slowly starting to leak out, with the latest being a possible partnership with Audi or Volkswagen. Whatever the case may be, industrial designer Emre Husmen provides us with his vision of this next-generation vehicle. It’s envisioned as an autonomous urban mobility vehicle of sorts with no real driver, but rather the duties be handed over to AI.

Caviar Mortal Kombat iPhone 12 Pro
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
Caviar is known for their outlandish as well as luxurious custom smartphones and this Mortal Kombat-themed iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max is no exception. Available in Scorpion, Shao Khan and Shang Tsung variants, each one is limited to 99-units worldwide, priced from $6,140 USD. The Scorpion edition has a casing made from ultra-strong titanium with a rugged PVD coating, which is commonly used to cover luxury Swiss watches. The phone dons black G-10 inserts, which is a multi-layer material based on epoxy resin / fiberglass used in the manufacture of knives.

iPhone Flip Concept
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
You may have heard the rumors about Apple’s folding iPhone patent from a while back, and although it’s not confirmed, the company is most likely working on such a device. The flexible OLED display panel will most likely be sourced from Samsung or LG, while the rear triple camera system is complemented by a secondary display to show time or notifications when closed. This also means that the user can see themselves if they want to take a selfie using the rear cameras.