Adidas Ultraboost x DNA LEGO Plates Running Shoes
This may not be the first Adidas and LEGO collaboration, but definitely the most creative. Called Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates, these running shoes boast a fully customizable Ultraboost cage that have studs for bricks, allowing you to create your own designs. To be more specific, the pair of shoes feature LEGO brick 3-Stripes to “celebrate of all the builders, dreamers and risk-takers who are changing the game in their own way.”

Satechi Cybermouse Tesla Cybertruck
Many have seen the Tesla Cybertruck, but what if there was a computer mouse inspired by the vehicle’s design? Meet the Satechi Cybermouse concept. This peripheral is constructed of unibody aluminum casing for maximum durability, complete with indestructible components with the company’s exclusive “Super-Tough bulletproof aluminum.” Whether if you’re an office warrior or gamer, its heavy-duty aluminum design, ambient LED lights, and 20,000 DPI sensor should be ample.

Digital NFT House
A non-fungible token (NFT) is essentially unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, with each one representing a unique digital item, including art, audio, videos, video game items, and now, augmented reality homes. Artist Krista Kim recently sold “Mars House,” an NFT-minted digital house for 288 ether, currently valued at over $450,000 USD. This is one part of the artist’s grand vision for the role augmented reality will play in the world.

iPhone Flip Concept
Photo credit: Lets Go Digital
You may have heard the rumors about Apple’s folding iPhone patent from a while back, and although it’s not confirmed, the company is most likely working on such a device. The flexible OLED display panel will most likely be sourced from Samsung or LG, while the rear triple camera system is complemented by a secondary display to show time or notifications when closed. This also means that the user can see themselves if they want to take a selfie using the rear cameras.

Cardboard Creationism Bicycle Playing Cards 3D Art
Photo credit: Cardboard Creationism
An artist who goes by “Cardboard Creationism” transforms Bicycle Playing Cards into 3D works of art. That’s right, he takes a standard deck entire deck and works on the individual cards with an X-Acto knife, without the use of any special tools or adhesives. Simply put, each card is cut along the pattern on the back and then stacked atop each other, eventually forming a 3D version of the design.