Midjourney AI Cars Designed by Famous Architects
Photo credit: Moss and Fog
Moss and Fog used Midjourney AI to visualize how cars would probably look if they were designed by famous architects like Antoni Gaudi (left) and Santiago Calatrava (right). Would these vehicles look more like buildings or actual vehicles with a touch of structural beauty? We imagine the latter, as this artificial intelligence program generates images based on text prompts.

Takara Tomy Gacha Machine Backpack
Takara Tomy Arts unveiled what could quite possibly be the world’s first gacha machine backpack in celebration of Gacha Day on February 17th. If you’re unfamiliar with gachapon, it’s basically a vending machine that dispenses capsule toys. This backpack doubles as a functional machine that comes complete with a mechanical dial that can be turned just like on a real machine.

Robotor 1L Robot Carve Marble Sculptures
Carving a marble sculpture by hand could take months, if not years, that is unless…you’re using the ROBOTOR 1L. This 13-foot-tall robot takes just four days to carve intricate marble sculptures of the same quality that you’d see in museums. However, all of the marble surface has to be coated in a synthetic diamond powder to make it easier for 1L to cut through the stone.