Tesla Cybertruck Cyberquad LEGO
Photo credit: Peter Blackert
Brick master Peter Blackert saw the Tesla Cybertruck / Cyberquad ATV and knew straight away that these were definitely vehicles that could be recreated with LEGO pieces. For those who missed the unveiling, three trims have been announced so far, with driving range estimates between 250–500 miles on a full charge and an estimated 0–60 mph as fast as 2.9-seconds for the tri-motor AWD model.

iPhone 11 Pro Superior Steve Jobs
Caviar is known for their luxurious smartphones, and their latest creation is the iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs. Based on the iPhone 11 Pro, this special edition features a titanium Apple logo and right in the center of that is a piece of shirt that Steve Jobs wore. There’s also an engraving at the bottom that shows the former Apple CEOs signature and reads “Steven Paul Jobs.” One caveat: prices start at $6,690 for the base iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB of internal storage.

North Pool Igloo Hotel
Scandinavia-based travel company Luxury Action is set to offer a luxurious high-cost adventure that includes spending the night inside a heated igloo at the North Pole. Priced at $105K per person and only available in April 2020, guests will traverse to the northernmost point in the world for the “North Pole Igloos” experience, which consists of heated glass igloos that have been tested in “extreme arctic weather conditions.

PlayStation Watch
Photo credit: Paladone
Sony’s PlayStation, a home video game console, was first released on December 3, 1994 in Japan, and as a a fifth generation console, it primarily competed with the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Saturn. Paladone decided to pay tribute by releasing an officially licensed PlayStation Watch, which is made of gray silicone and sports three buttons that control the time-displaying LEDs.

SunCity Camp Mars Wadi Rum Jordan
There are many reasons why humans should eventually colonize Mars, and the main ones include long-term scientific research, possible business interests, and just plain curiosity. Thanks to the planet’s surface conditions and the presence of water, it’s currently the most hospitable of the planets in our Solar System, besides our own. However, it will be years until humans step foot on the Martian soil, but SunCity Camp will let you experience the landscape right here on Earth.