Fresh Prince Airbnb
The very first pilot episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” debuted on September 10, 1990 and to celebrate this occasion, Airbnb is giving two Los Angeles County residents a chance to book one of five nights in the iconic mansion. Best of all, it won’t come with an exorbitant price tag, just $30 per night in Will’s wing of the home on October 2, October 5, October 8, October 11 and October 14.

Deerfield Pie House Narrow
If this house in Deerfield, Illinois made you do a double take, you’re not alone. Unofficially called the “Pie House,” this place went viral online after someone posted a TikTok video of its exterior, which looks to be straight from a movie set. It actually just sold for $260,000 this past week, and is only narrow at one end (3 feet wide), but opens up to a wider opposite side.

Haaks Opperland Camper
Haaks Opperland Camper looks normal at first, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it’s actually a mini two-story sustainable home on wheels. What about the vehicle? It’s a Fiat Ducato, and yes, it comes with the Opperland camper unit itself. To purchase it outright, you’re looking at shelling out approximately $153K, which includes Netherland’s private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax (BPM) and the European Union’s value-added tax (VAT).

Escapade Silverstone Home
Photo credit: Twelve Architects
Racing fans rejoice! Twelve Architects is planning to build 60 residences directly overlooking the famed Silverstone Circuit in England. Called “Escapade Silverstone,” these units can either be used as a short-term rental or purchased outright, should you just want to live there full-time. The community will include front-row trackside residences that all have direct views over the circuit with architecture inspired by the notion of ‘Slipstreaming,’ where a vehicle follows closely behind another and travels in its slipstream before an overtake attempt.

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot
Forget robotic vacuums, Toadi is the world’s first AI-powered lawn robot, complete with object recognition and security features. Featuring an artificial intelligence-guided 4K camera, it’s capable of automatically recognizing and avoiding objects in front of it, like trees, animals, as well as other humans. That’s right, no perimeter cable or additional GPS equipment is needed.