$250-Million Penthouse Apartment NYC Central Park Tower
Ever wonder what a $250-million penthouse apartment in Central Park Tower on NYC’s Billionaire’s Row looks like? If so, then Ryan Serhant has just the tour for you. Located a dizzying 1,416-feet above the city, this residence spans over 17,500-square-feet over the 129th to 131st floors of the tower, complete with 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and more.

Mountain House Cliff Milad Eshtiyaghi
Photo credit: Milad Eshtiyaghi
Located in Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada, the “Mountain House” by architect Milad Eshtiyaghi may seem perilous, but this cliff hanging living space offers unparalleled views of its surroundings. The idea stems from the fact that its base was already there on the site of four old trees, so the architect wanted to build around them and make the space between, a backyard of sorts