Huawei Mate X Folding Smartphone
After months of delays, the Huawei Mate X folding smartphone has officially been launched. Unfortunately, it’s only available in China and will set you back a whopping $2,400 should you live there. This device features an 8-inch OLED display that can fold outwards to form a 6.6-inch main display as well as a 6.38-inch rear display. The screen is covered by plastic to protect the panels and is secured with a push-button latch when closed.

Huawei Harmony OS
Huawei CEO Richard Yu officially announced the company’s own operating system at the Huawei Developer Conference in Dongguan, China, and it’s called Harmony OS, or Hongmeng OS in Chinese. This operating system can be seamlessly used across various devices, like smartphones, smart speakers and even sensors. It’s a part of their Internet of Things initiative, and the OS will be first used on “smart screen products,” such as televisions.