Liberty Walk


Liberty Walk Ferrari F40
Japan-based Liberty Walk is no stranger to supercars, but this slammed Ferrari F40 just might be one of their craziest projects yet. It’s set to be officially revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon on January 13th and from what we can see in the teaser video, it sports a new front cowl, front diffuser, wide fenders, a center vented hood, as well as removing the pop-up headlights.

New Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Body Kit
If you demand a Nissan GT-R body kit that is nothing short of stand-out, then look no further than Liberty Walk’s LB-Silhouette WORKS GT 35GT-RR. At $73,570 USD, this full carbon package costs more than a used GT-R. Thankfully, it does come in some lower-priced variants, including a FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) version, which will still set you back a hefty $33,480 USD. Just for reference, a used 2009 Nissan GT-R with around 12,000-miles can be purchased for a little over $55,000 USD.