Voyager Station Space Orbit Assembly Corporation
We have seen the future of tourism, and it includes going into space, thanks to the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC). Called Voyager Station, it’s slated to be the first commercial space station hotel, complete with artificial gravity. The team is comprised of NASA veterans, pilots, engineers and architects, with their goal being to construct a low Earth orbit hotel that rotates fast enough to generate artificial gravity for anyone interested in off-Earth living.

Mansory Rolls-Royce Cullinan
H/T: CarScoops
Mansory is known for tuning supercars as well as luxury SUVs, and their new Rolls-Royce Cullinan will definitely make you look twice on the road. They finished the vehicle in a sleek matte black, with the lower are getting a dark metallic design, while a thin blue stripe separates the two sections. Step inside, and you’ll be bathed in luxury, complete with marine blue upholstery, Mansory logo embroidered headrests, and a dashboard area in the same color.

Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed
Always wanted a piece of furniture that could replace all others in the room? If so, then look no further than the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed. Not just something sleeping, this all-in-one furniture piece boasts a massage chair with remote, integrated Bluetooth speakers, a bookshelf, reading lamp, and a desk for those who like using their laptop while in. That’s not all, it even has a built in charging station for all of your mobile devices built right in.

C-Seed M1 Foldable MicroLED TV
C-SEED is known for their larger-than-life home theater offerings, and their latest project, the M1, is definitely no exception. At the push of a button, the sculpture-like column rises silently from the floor, unfolding to reveal a massive 4K microLED TV display with a high precision frame machined from a solid block of aviation-grade aluminum alloy. The front has been coated in a special screen surface treatment to showcase the all-important black depth more accurately than ever before.

Lamborghini E.V.E. Countach
Photo credit: Khyzyl Saleem
The timeless Lamborghini Countach is a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive supercar manufactured from 1974 to 1990, one of the many legendary vehicles designed by Italy-based Bertone, which pioneered and popularized the sharply angled “Italian Wedge” shape. A total of 1,983-vehicles were produced and although there were some design changes, the shape remained relatively the same. Industrial designer Khyzyl Saleem changes that with his E.V.E. Countach concept.