Smart D-Mask Diving Mask
Photo credit: ZJ-DDG via Yanko Design
A diving mask is used by descending divers, which causes the ambient pressure rises. When this happens, it becomes necessary to equalize the pressure inside the mask with the external ambient pressure to avoid mask squeeze. This is normally accomplished with sufficient air to flow out through the nose into the mask to relieve the pressure difference. What would a next-generation diving mask look like? The D-Mask by designer ZJ-DDG.

Let’s face it, oxygen tanks can be cumbersome when scuba diving, but the ExoLung aims to change that. Simply put, this contraption converts the diver’s swimming motions into air movement. How does it work? It consists of a buoy that floats on the surface of the water that not only keeps you safe, but doubles as an air intake. You connect a hose to this buoy with the water bell worn on the front of the torso, while inside is a collapsible water bladder that is attached to leg straps that secure around the diver’s feet.