Agility Robotics Digit Robot
Agility Robotics’ bipedal robo Digit has an upper torso, arms, sensors, and additional computing power, making it the successor to the company’s Cassie robot design. This upgraded model boasts four degree-of-freedom (4-DOF) arms that greatly extend both the mobility and utility of Digit, as compared to its predecessor. These new capabilities enable it to perform well in complex, human-oriented environments, for tasks such as curb-to-doorstep delivery.

Despite still being in the testing phase, Digit is strong enough to pick up and stack boxes weighing up to 40-pounds. It’s also durable enough to catch itself during a fall using its arms to decelerate. The control system for Digit has been completely overhauled to allow for advanced behaviors such as stair climbing and footstep planning, all controlled through a robust API that can be accessed both onboard the robot and via a wireless link. That’s not all, inside the torso, you’ll find two multi-core CPUs, and a modular payload bay allows a third computer.

“For us…arms are simultaneously a tool for moving through the world – think getting up after a fall, waving your arms for balance, or pushing open a door – while also being useful for manipulating or carrying objects,” said Dr. Jonathan Hurst, CTO and co-founder of Agility,


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