Robot Kitchen Moley Robotics Cook Cleaning
If money was no object, and you’ve always wanted a private chef, then Moley Robotics has just the robot for you. At $329K USD, this system basically consists of dexterous robot integrated into a luxury kitchen capable of preparing freshly-cooked meals at the touch of a button using two robotic arms that can realistically mimic the movements of human hands. That’s right, it can retrieve ingredients from a smart fridge, fill pans, pour liquids, mix ingredients, and even plate everything up.

Prosthesis Mech Suit
Furion Exo-Bionics’ Prosthesis appears to be something directly from a science fiction film, and rightfully so. Weighing in at over 8,800-pounds, this giant mech is actually an exoskeleton suit of sorts that is piloted by a human. Its chromoly steel-framed, powered by electric motors generating 225 hp, uses a host of hydraulics, springs and suspension units to move its legs individually in tandem with the pilot’s limbs.

Haircut Robot Quarantine
Getting a haircut before the coronavirus pandemic hit wasn’t a big deal, but now, many states have yet to reopen their barber shops and hair salons. So, your options are either a self-cut, or in the case of engineer Shane Wighton, better known on Youtube as Stuff Made Here, built a haircut robot. This isn’t a simple robotic arm that simply buzzes your hair, but rather one equipped with scissors, sensors, probes, and lots more high-tech gadgetry.

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot
Forget robotic vacuums, Toadi is the world’s first AI-powered lawn robot, complete with object recognition and security features. Featuring an artificial intelligence-guided 4K camera, it’s capable of automatically recognizing and avoiding objects in front of it, like trees, animals, as well as other humans. That’s right, no perimeter cable or additional GPS equipment is needed.