DJI Digital FPV System
The DJI Digital First Person Viewing (FPV) Transmission System is essentially an advanced digital ecosystem that includes FPV goggles, an FPV Air Unit Transmission Module, an FPV remote controller and an FPV camera. Together, the system offers smooth, clear HD video, ultra-low end-to-end latency and long- range transmission with strong anti-interference technology that takes drone racing to the next level.

DJI’s FPV Air Unit Module uses DJI HD Low Latency FPV Transmission technology (DJI HDL FPV Transmission) which integrates a two-way data communication mechanism to deliver integrated control over the entire system and a seamless signal connection. This digital signal not only features low latency, but clear, 720p footage at 120 fps for an overall enhanced flight experience. It can record on both the FPV camera attached to the drone as well as to the FPV goggles using a micro SD card, so racers can capture video content on the FPV Camera in 1080p at 60 fps or 720p at 120 fps while the FPV Goggles can record 720p at 60 fps.

DJI Digital FPV System
The ultra responsive and fully customizable FPV remote controller utilizes a 4-in-1 closed loop software that enables users to adjust parameters for the other three components remotely. Users can change settings on the controller and it automatically syncs the entire system to help reduce operational error.

DJI Digital FPV System
DJI’s FPV Camera boasts three camera modes: racing, standard and LED mode. Racing mode is perfect for most racing situations and delivers images at a higher saturation rate to distinguish brightly-colored objects such as course obstacles. Standard should be used for capturing content since it reduces color loss and preserves original details. LED mode works best in low light conditions by increasing the color saturation and reducing image noise.

DJI Digital FPV System
DJI’s FPV System is available now in two bundle options: the FPV Fly More Combo ($929 USD) and the FPV Experience Combo for ($819 USD). The former includes the FPV Goggles, Air Unit, FPV Camera, Remote controller along with all the wires and antennas needed. Don’t need all the extras? The FPV Experience Combo consists of the FPV Goggles, 2 FPV Camera and Air Units.

“As drone racing grows in popularity, FPV racers are looking for the next technology to keep up with their demands. The new DJI FPV System was designed using our vast experience creating aerial and ground transmission systems and offers technology truly unique to the market,” said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director, DJI Europe.


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