Stratosfera Aquatica Volatile Transportation Pod Drone
Lazzarini Design Studio has always thought out of the box, and their latest project is no exception. Introducting Straosfera, a futuristic transportation pod that can travel on both the water and in the skies. When in Aquatica mode, this carbon fiber sphere of sorts glides along the surface with its two passengers comfortably inside, while the batteries are safely located inside the extendable foil.

DJI Robotic Drone Dolly Car
Photo credit: Parth Kashikar
A traditional camera dolly refers to a wheeled cart used mainly in filmmaking and television production to create smooth horizontal camera movements. In cinematography, a camera is mounted on a camera dolly that is placed on rails or on vehicles nowadays, thus eliminating the need to be pushed along the track while the scene is being filmed. What if you combined this with a DJI drone?

Hydromea ExRay First Wireless Portable Underwater Drone
Swiss company Hydromea has just unveiled a prototype of the world’s first wireless portable underwater drone. It’s compact enough to fit into a backpack, can be remotely controlled, and transmits HD video in real=time without requiring any physical connection to the pilot. Some practical uses in inspection scenarios include surveying confined flooded spaces, like hydropower dams, closed waterways and ballast tanks on ships.

Hunter Kowald Hoverboard Drone
Technically speaking, a hoverboard refers to a levitating board used for personal transportation, with many iterations features in science-fiction. Despite the many attempts at developing a fully-functional hoverboard, there has not been one yet that could be deemed practical for everyday use. Inventor Hunter Kowald tried his hand at one, and despite being functional, it may be years until we see a production version, if at all.