Obstacle Avoidance Drone Dodgeball
University of Zurich researchers have demonstrated an autonomous drone that can detect and avoid fast-moving objects, thanks to event cameras equipped with smart pixels that work independently of each other. In other words, the pixels that detect no changes remain silent, while the ones that see a change in light intensity immediately transmit information, thus only a tiny fraction of the all pixels of the image will need to be processed by the onboard computer to greatly speed up computation speed.

Manned Aerobatic Drone
The “Big Drone”, created by Drone Champions founder Herbert Weirather, sat in the single-seat machine as it was piloted with a remote controller by former Drone Champions League contender Mirko Cesena.After several months of development, Drone Champions AG initiated testing of this drone in early February at an indoor facility in Germany before taking it to Vrsar in Croatia for its successful maiden flights.

V-Coptr Falcon Drone
Zero Zero Robotics, known for their Hover 2 selfie-snapping drone, has just unveiled their latest creation, the V-Coptr Falcon. It’s touted as the world’s first bi-copter 4K resolution camera drone, as in it just has two rotors with tilting machinery that sit at the end of arms extending out from the top of the drone’s body. When not in use, simply fold them inwards for easy storage.

Volocopter is known for their air taxis, but their latest project, Volodrone, won’t be carrying people a round, but rather heavy cargo, thanks to a special attachment system located underneath its body. This all-electric drone boasts 18 rotors and its air frame is built around a body to house the removable lithium-battery as well as other electronics, with a rail attachment system for various payloads to be connected up to its underbody in between the landing gear.