Game Boy Advance SP Nintendo Switch Console
When Game Boy Advance SP meets Nintendo Switch, you get this custom console by Macho Nacho Productions. It’s not exactly what you think, as it makes use of a video-out mod kit for the former that enables you to play its games on a regular TV, but there is a custom dock for the Joy-Con controllers involved.

Now this is where 3D printing comes in, as a custom fabricated case holds the rails for the Joy-Con controllers, along with the electronic components that make them Game Boy Advance SP compatible. Unfortunately, pairing the controllers with the Game Boy Advance SP isn’t the quickest of processes, since it requires a Raspberry Pi to relay information.

Atari Ultimate Arcade Fightstick USB Dual Joystick with Trackball 2 Player Game Controller Powered by Raspberry Pi 3B+ 1GB RAM 32GB Micro SD Card Preloaded Over 100 Classic Atari Games
  • The one-stop option for all of your retropie emulator gaming needs. Well made 2 player fightstick with dual joystick and trackball allows you to game with your friends and family at home
  • Preinstalled 32GB Micro SD with download utility containing over 100 licensed Atari Games and Operating System. Play all your favorite Atari console and arcade games on one device
  • High performance arcade fightstick game controller console features large, spaced-out buttons and 8 direction bat top joysticks to deliver great responsiveness and excellent control with a real arcade feel. Trackball is intended to be used with emulation environment
  • Easy access and customizable. The top lid of the game pad can be opened access the internal parts for full control and customization to your own game style. Roomy interior with additional storage for 6ft HDMI cable, Micro USB power supply with switch and other components


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