Marvel 80th Anniversary Captain America Shield Replica
Hasbro is set to release a 1:1 scale replica of Captain America’s shield prop as part of the Marvel 80th anniversary lineup. This stunning piece features a glossy, comic book-inspired paint job whereas the previous version looked more metallic, like in the movies. It may not be made of real Vibranium, but it does measure 24-inches in diameter and comes equipped with adjustable straps to enable you to wear it on your arm just like Steve Rogers, minus the super strength. Read more for another picture and additional information.

Marvel 80th Anniversary Captain America Shield Replica
Before we get into any more detail, this collectible is set to retail at $99.99 through Hasbro’s online store. With that out of the way, we can confirm that it does feature a premium red, white and blue paint coating, which makes it a perfect wall display piece should you not need to head into battle anytime soon. Pre-orders are being accepted now with shipments starting in October.



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