HiBed High-Tech Bed
Italy-based Hi-Interiors wants to make it easy to really enjoy watching movies or surf the internet directly from your bed, and that’s why they have created HiBed. Unlike its predecessor, this second-generation model boasts a few new high-tech features that turn it into a home theater system of sorts, but without the surround sound system.

HiBed High-Tech Bed
The HiBed fits right into your Internet of things (IoT) setup, which basically refers to internet connectivity in physical devices and everyday objects. This piece of smart furniture tracks your rest cycles, biometric parameters, air quality, temperature, as well as noise levels and sends that data directly to a companion app to optimize your sleep schedule.

HiBed High-Tech Bed
When it’s not trying to improve your life, the HiBed can be used purely for entertainment, thanks to built-in WiFi connectivity, an HD projector, and concealed speakers. Now the only thing left to ask yourself is if you really need an all-in-one bed that combines these activities, or would you be better off just tracking everything with your smartphone / smartwatch / tablet.


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