Mont-Saint-Michel Drone
Some time during January 2015, Normandy, France, where Mont-Saint-Michel is located, experienced extremely high tides, thus transforming the commune into a breathtaking island. Wanaii Films decided to walk all the way over there at 5am that morning, and wait at the bottom. The water rose slowly, and soon, the Mount once again became an island. The sun then rose and people started arriving to take in the magic.

France has strict drone laws, as they require all quadcopters that weigh 800g or more to be registered by their owner on AlphaTango, the public portal for users of remotely piloted aircraft. The drone then receives a registration number that must be affixed to it permanently, visibly, in a place that can be read at a distance of 30 centimeters, with the naked eye. So, you can imagine that to even get the permission to fly a drone at Mont-Saint-Michel was quite the task. On a related note, did you know that the island has held strategic fortifications since ancient times? That’s right, ever since the 8th century AD, it has been the seat of the monastery from which its name comes from.


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