Hot Toys Iron Patriot
If you’re not familiar with Iron Patriot, it’s basically a powered exoskeleton combat suit used by several characters, an amalgam of Iron Man’s armor and Captain America’s patriotism. This armor gives its wearer superhuman strength, enhanced durability, flight, magnetic impact blasts, heat seeking missiles, miniaturized lasers, flamethrowers, and even a communications system housed in the helmet which allowed the suit to interface with any U.S.-controlled satellite or computer network.

Hot Toys has created a 1/6th scale version of this armor, which has been specially crafted based on the appearance of Don Cheadle as James Rhodes / Iron Patriot in Avengers: Endgame. Featuring two interchangeable heads, including a newly developed head sculpt, as well as a helmeted head with an LED light-up function.

Hot Toys Iron Patriot
Hot Toys Iron Patriot
Hot Toys Iron Patriot
The Iron Patriot armor sports a metallic blue and reddish-orange paint scheme, an LED light-up chest Arc Reactor / repulsors, articulated weapons with back-mounted cannons as well as shoulder-mounted missile launchers, and a specially designed Avengers: Endgame themed figure base. There’s only one problem, it costs $469 and won’t start shipping until the end of 2020, possibly early 2021.


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