Microsoft Surface Earbuds
At $249, Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds are the company’s first truly wireless earphones, and they offer boast touch / voice controls for music, calls and lots more. Simply triple tap on either earbud to experience omnisonic sound, and instantly play Spotify from your Android smartphone. That’s not all, screen-free integration with Office 365 when synced with a Windows 10 laptop means that you can access your Outlook calendar and email using just your voice as well as get live, on-screen captions and translations in PowerPoint.

To achieve 24-hour battery life on a full charge and with the included wireless charging case, Microsoft had to make the Surface Earbuds slightly larger compared to its competitors, which explains the unique flat design. Speaking of its flat exterior, you can also swipe it to adjust the volume, shuffle through tracks, and pause / play.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

There’s no word yet on availability, but Microsoft did say that they’ll be available this holiday season. Now are they worth $50 more than the AirPods 2 with wireless charging case? We’ll need to wait until the first reviews roll in to make our decision.


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