New Nintendo Joy-Con Patent
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Nintendo’s original Joy-Con controllers for the Switch basically consist of two individual devices, and each one contains an analog stick, along with several buttons. You can either use them attached to the main console unit, or wirelessly when detached. If you choose the latter, you can also have two players use separate Joy-Cons as individual controllers. However, a recently uncovered patent filing may hint at some new features.

New Nintendo Joy-Con
As you can see in the patent sketches, Nintendo is planning on adding hinges that would enable players to fold down the thumbstick and use the atio buttons in a more ergonomic fashion. Even when attached to the console, users will be able to fold the Joy-Cons, making them perfect for longer gaming sessions.

New Nintendo Joy-Con
Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on if this will come with the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro that may be announced this holiday season, or in future updates to the original console. Whatever the case may be, it’s reassuring to know that even with the Nintendo Switch Lite just around the corner, they’re still thinking about gamers who own the original.


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