Zagato Raptor Concept Lamborghini
The Zagato Raptor Concept, also known as the Lamborghini Raptor, is a one-off vehicle created in 1996 by Zagato in partnership with Alain Wicki for Lamborghini. What sets this apart from other supercars of the time is the Zagato “double bubble” design and a unique door design where the entire middle section of the car swivels up and forward. It’s based on a 4WD Lamborghini Diablo and made its official debut at the 1996 Geneva Auto Show.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Mark 3 Parachute
SpaceX announced that it has now successfully completed 13 consecutive successful tests of their Mark 3 parachute design, developed in cooperation with Airborne System, for the Crew Dragon spacecraft after fixing a few initial problems. This parachute system is crucial because it’s the same one that will be eventually responsible for bringing astronauts safely back down to Earth.

Teen Remove Blind Spot Car
Alaina Gassler, a 14-year-old from West Grove, Pennsylvania, took home $25,000 in this year’s Broadcom MASTERS STEM competition for her simple, yet clever, solution for removing blind spots in vehicles. It’s officially called “Alaina’s blind-spot annihilator,” and it consists of a webcam mounted outside the passenger side of the car, which is used to record the areas that drivers can’t see in their mirrors. A projector then shows the live video on an A-pillar on the passenger side.

Tomcar TX
The Tomcar TX appears to be something you’d expect to see on the battlefield, and that’s because this vehicle was originally developed for Israeli special forces operatives. However, this UTV (utility vehicle) can be purchased by civilians and used to go off-road or even rock crawling. Available in TX4 (4-seat), TX3 (2-seat) with a large tray, or TX5 (2-seat) that has a smaller tray as well as a shorter wheelbase, all of the models are built on a welded-up steel frame chassis designs that incorporates a roll cage, aluminum skid tray underside protection the entire underside, and adjustable four-wheel independent suspension.

Tesla Semi A-Team Van
Photo credit: Martin Hajek
Elon Musk first introduced the Tesla Semi back in 2017, and for those who don’t know, it’s an all-electric battery-powered Class 8 semi-trailer truck with a 500 mile range on a full charge. The production model will come standard with Tesla Autopilot, thus enabling semi-autonomous driving on highways. What if an A-Team fan purchased one and decided to transform it into the iconic van? This concept by industrial designer Martin Hajek gives us an idea.