Paris 2024 Summer Olympics Mascots Phryge
It’s official, the mascots of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics have been revealed, and it’s the Phryges. These two mascots are not animals, but rather Phrygian caps, which represent a strong symbol of liberty, inclusivity and the capability of people to support great causes. They are designed in a red, white and blue colorway, with the golden Paris 2024 logo emblazoned across their chests.

Both Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge will spend the next two years promoting the upcoming games before finally welcoming the athletes to Paris 2024. One place you’ll find them is at Place de la Concorde, the largest public square in Paris located near the Tuileries Gardens at the end of the Champs-Elysées. This area will be transformed into an urban park hosting BMX freestyle, skateboarding (both street and park), and 3X3 basketball events.
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Paris 2024 Summer Olympics Mascots Phryge

We chose an ideal rather than an animal. We chose the Phrygian cap because it’s a very strong symbol for the French Republic. For French people, it’s a very well-known object that is a symbol of freedom, an object that will represent mascots all across the world. The fact that the Paralympics mascot has a visible disability also sends a strong message: to promote inclusion,” said Tony Estanguet, Paris 2024 President.


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