Midjourney AI Cars Designed by Famous Architects
Photo credit: Moss and Fog
Moss and Fog used Midjourney AI to visualize how cars would probably look if they were designed by famous architects like Antoni Gaudi (left) and Santiago Calatrava (right). Would these vehicles look more like buildings or actual vehicles with a touch of structural beauty? We imagine the latter, as this artificial intelligence program generates images based on text prompts.

Netherlands Utretcht Water Tower Apartments Home
Photo credit: Zecc Architecten | Stijn Poelstra
Architecture firm Zecc Architecten transformed a water tower in Utrecht, Netherlands into four luxurious apartments that provide panoramic views of the city below. This 19th century water tower, called Amsterdamsestraatweg Water Tower, was actually designated as a national monument before it was acquired by a private party in 2012.