Artificial Intelligence


Jaguar Land Rover Contactless Touchscreen
Jaguar Land Rover collaborated with researchers at University of Cambridge to develop a contactless touchscreen that will not only help keep drivers’ eyes on the road, but also reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. It’s officially called ‛predictive touch’ and this technology utilizes artificial intelligence as well as sensors to determine a user’s intended target on the display. This could be for directions on the satellite navigation, temperature controls or just changing songs on Spotify, all without touching a button.

Erica AI Robot Movie
Erica, an AI-powered robot, has been cast in a $70-million science fiction movie titled “b.” The story follows a scientist who discovers dangers associated with a program he created to perfect human DNA and attempts to help the artificially intelligent woman he designed, escape. This robot was created in a joint project Japanese scientists Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa.

DeepFaceDrawing AI Sketches Portraits
A research team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the City University of Hong Kong have unveiled DeepFaceDrawing, an AI-powered framework that turns sketches into photorealistic portraits. This deep learning system uses modules to generate the images, or in other words, it identifies the most notable facial features individually, like the eyes, nose, mouth, face shape, etc., before these vectors are merged to create realistic images.

Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Blurry Face Clear PULSE
Duke University researchers have developed an artificial intelligence tool, called PULSE, that uses computer vision to transform blurry images of human faces into computer-generated portraits. Previous methods have yielded an image of a face that is up to eight times clearer than its original resolution, but this new tool is capable of 64-times the resolution. AI imagines features like fine lines, eyelashes and stubble that weren’t visible in the first place.