Bugatti Next-57 Batmobile
Photo credit: Doinnext Cong
If Bugatti designed the next Batmobile, it might look something like the Next-57. This all-electric vehicle combines past and present into an eye-catching design, complete with rounded LED headlights as well as a mirror black finish. Auto enthusiasts probably already know that even early Bugatti models had engine blocks that were hand scraped to ensure that the surfaces were so flat that gaskets were not required for sealing.

Batmobile GT 2020 Concept
Photo credit: Encho Enchev
Batman’s Batmobile made its first official appearance in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), where it appeared to just be a normal-looking red vehicle. Since then, there have been dozens of different variations, but all of them have a prominent bat motif, typically in the form of wing-shaped tailfins. It has evolved to being the most technologically advanced crime-fighting asset in Batman’s arsenal. Automotive designer Encho Enchev puts his own creative twist on the Batmobile, with many supercar influences.