Huawei MatePad Pro
Huawei’s MatePad Pro has been officially released and it looks a lot like the iPad Pro. Unlike Apple’s offering, the MatePad’s 10.8-inch (2,560 x 1,600 resolution) display has even slimmer 4.9mm bezels, thanks to an 8.0-megapixel, hole-punch front camera. The display outputs an extremely bright 540 nits while supporting the DCI-P3 gamut for accurate color reproduction. Unfortunately, it’s thicker than the iPad Pro at 7.2mm versus 5.9mm.

Volkswagen ID.R Tianmen China Record
Volkswagen has set a new record at China’s 99 turns leading up to Heaven’s Gate, thanks to Pikes Peak driver Romain Dumas behind the wheel of the ID.R who traversed the dangerous road in a mere 7 minutes, 38.585 seconds. This fully electric prototype vehicle was designed as part of Volkswagen’s I.D. Project, and is the first electric racing car designed by the company.

Byton M-Byte Electric Crossover
China-based Byton unveiled the production version of its M-Byte electric crossover at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the massive 48-inch display found in the prototype is still there. How does it work? The large display is controlled using either the steering wheel-mounted 7″ touchscreen or an 8″ touchscreen located between the front seats. Deliveries to customers in China are set to begin in mid-2020, while Europe and North American will get not the vehicles until 2021.

Eagle Rock Cliffs Hotel
Photo credit: Weiqi Jin | Vague Edge Architectural Design
Beijing-based Duoxiangjie Architectural Design wanted to create something special for the Mufu and Lianyu mountains in China. So, they came up with Eagle Rock Cliffs at the Pingjian Homey Wild Luxury Hotel. Simply put, this complex consists of three separate buildings: Dinghui, Ziyahui, and Yanshang. Each one has its own distinctive feel, but all offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Unihertz Titan Smartphone
At first glance, the Unihertz Titan appears to be a BlackBerry device of sorts, but it’s actually a near-indestructible smartphone that runs Android 9.0 Pie. Yes, it has a built-in QWERTY keyboard, and sports a 4.5-inch (1440 x 1440 pixel resolution) LCD right above it. This smartphone is designed for those who really hate cases, as it offers an IP67 waterproof rating, is dustproof and shockproof. Plus, its dual SIM slots make it a perfect travel phone.