Nialiatta Prototype Elevated Cabin Finland
Photo credit: Studio Puisto
Designed by Studio Puisto and located in Finland’s Kivijärvi Resort, the Nialiatta prototype is basically an elevated cabin that you can actually stay in that is held up by a single pillared foundation. Inside, you’ll only find the necessities in minimalist form, which includes a sleeping area, bathroom, and possibly kitchenette. This is just one of twenty five eco-cabins that will eventually be built at this unique resort.

Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo Airbnb
At first glance, this snow igloo may appear to be from a movie or built specifically for a photo shoot, but it’s a real place that you can book on Airbnb this upcoming winter season (Nov. – Apr.). Called the Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo, these igloos are located on a quaint horse farm in Finland’s Pelkosenniemi region. These structures look not so cozy on the outside, but step inside? You’re greeted with sleeping bags and more.