Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo Airbnb
At first glance, this snow igloo may appear to be from a movie or built specifically for a photo shoot, but it’s a real place that you can book on Airbnb this upcoming winter season (Nov. – Apr.). Called the Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo, these igloos are located on a quaint horse farm in Finland’s Pelkosenniemi region. These structures look not so cozy on the outside, but step inside? You’re greeted with sleeping bags and more.

Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo Airbnb
These snow-packed huts are built fresh every winter and perfect for viewing the northern lights. Sure, you won’t get actual mattresses to sleep on, but all things considered, the sleeping bags should be more than comfortable as long as you don’t forget additional thermal layers.
Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo Airbnb
Should the temperatures drop too low, simply walk on over to the heated house, which offers showers, and a full kitchen for all paying guests to use. In any case, the hosts do provide a light self service breakfast every morning. Plus, there’s restaurants and supermarkets just 10km from these igloos.

Lucky Ranch Snow Igloo Airbnb
If the weather permits, head on over to lake Pyhäjärvi and Pyhä-Luosto National Park for the perfect spot to catch the northern lights. Each igloo can house a maximum of four persons and a one night stay will cost you at least $121.


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