AUKEY CrispX Air Fryer Grill
Unlike other air fryers, the AUKEY Home CrispX utilizes a 3D thermal air cycle, which means that it creates a heat vortex from bottom to top, thus enveloping the food all around, resulting in a perfectly crispy texture. A glass lid lets you see the cooking process in-action, without having to open up a tray or other compartment, complete with a ventilated frying basket for smaller food items.

Robot Kitchen Moley Robotics Cook Cleaning
If money was no object, and you’ve always wanted a private chef, then Moley Robotics has just the robot for you. At $329K USD, this system basically consists of dexterous robot integrated into a luxury kitchen capable of preparing freshly-cooked meals at the touch of a button using two robotic arms that can realistically mimic the movements of human hands. That’s right, it can retrieve ingredients from a smart fridge, fill pans, pour liquids, mix ingredients, and even plate everything up.