AUKEY CrispX Air Fryer Grill
Unlike other air fryers, the AUKEY Home CrispX utilizes a 3D thermal air cycle, which means that it creates a heat vortex from bottom to top, thus enveloping the food all around, resulting in a perfectly crispy texture. A glass lid lets you see the cooking process in-action, without having to open up a tray or other compartment, complete with a ventilated frying basket for smaller food items.

Thanks to its 360° visible glass lid, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature or cooking time if necessary. Or, you could also grill foods, like steak, fish, etc., since it heats up to 450°, complete with sear marks. Best of all, the CrispX is small enough to not only be used in the kitchen, but an office, bedroom or even RV, as well. Just choose the auto-cook mode that best suits the food, push the button, and you’ll be able to relax. Available in June, priced at $169 USD.

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AUKEY CrispX Air Fryer Grill

Take CrispX on-the-go and enjoy fantastic recipes everywhere – office rooms, student dorms, apartments, RV and household. Simply preparing the ingredients and automatically setting for air fryer or grill, makes cooking easier than ever! The compact body design saves space, frees up countertops, and can be easily stored when not in use,” said the company.


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