SunCity Camp Mars Wadi Rum Jordan
There are many reasons why humans should eventually colonize Mars, and the main ones include long-term scientific research, possible business interests, and just plain curiosity. Thanks to the planet’s surface conditions and the presence of water, it’s currently the most hospitable of the planets in our Solar System, besides our own. However, it will be years until humans step foot on the Martian soil, but SunCity Camp will let you experience the landscape right here on Earth.

TERA NASA Mars 3D-Printed Habitat
Designed by AI SpaceFactory, MARSHA is a 3D-printed Mars habitat with windows, multiple floors, private rooms, and even a skylight. It recently took home the grand prize in NASA’s 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge, and the initial prototype, which took 30-hours to complete from start to finish, is only a third of the size that will eventually make it to the Red Planet. Now, the makers of this award-winning habitat want to offer you a chance to experience living in a similar structure right here on Earth, called TERA.