Optical Illusion


Anamorphic Street Art
Photo credit: Odeith
When you see mind-bending art nowadays online, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Photoshop, or the notion that someone used photo editing software to add objects in, but that’s not the case with street artist Odeith’s latest piece. Simply put, he discovered an old wall in a building and decided to transform it into a wrecked bus.

Painting 3D Optical Illusion Building
Photo credit: Peeta via MyModernMet
Peeta is a street artist who specializes in creating mind-bending 3D optical illusion paintings, and his latest work can be found on a building in Mannheim, Germany, which was painted for the 2019 Stadt.Wand.Kunst mural project. All of his creations are painted specifically for the location since he first photographs the area and uses those to create sketches or 3D renderings. Now why was this wall in Mannheim so special? “Because of its shapes and colors. I immediately realized it had great possibilities of harmonious interaction with my overlapping anamorphic paintings,” Peeta told My Modern Met. Read more for a video, additional pictures and information.