Anamorphic Street Art
Photo credit: Odeith
When you see mind-bending art nowadays online, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Photoshop, or the notion that someone used photo editing software to add objects in, but that’s not the case with street artist Odeith’s latest piece. Simply put, he discovered an old wall in a building and decided to transform it into a wrecked bus.

Street Artist Anamorphic Art
Street Artist Anamorphic Art
Street Artist Anamorphic Art
What are anamorphic effects? It’s one of the most popular street art techniques, whether it be on sidewalks, buildings, or in this case, an old wall. These installations take its surroundings and make it all part of an illusion. This effect can be achieved by either taking a photograph of an object and then putting a grid over it, or placing an elongated grid on the sidewalk based on a specific perspective, and then draw the visual elements one grid square at a time.


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