DJI RSC 2 Gimbal
For vloggers and content creators looking to take things to the next level, consider picking up a DJI RSC 2 handheld gimbal. At just 2.6-pounds, it can easily be folded down and stored in a backpack. Featuring an optional ActiveTrack 3.0, portrait-to-landscape one-touch fast switching, camera focus, shutter control, and the Titan Stabilization Algorithm with SuperSmooth. As a matter of fact, its motors are 50% more powerful than the Ronin-SC’s, complete with smoother, steadier movements.

Canon PowerShot Zoom Monocular
Whether it be hiking, bird watching or a sporting event, an imaging tool that lets you see the action up-close could come in handy. Introducing the Canon PowerShot ZOOM, which is claimed to be the company’s first telephoto monocular. Featuring 100mm, 400mm and 800mm telephoto viewing capability with a one-touch switch, this monocular comes equipped with instant zoom for viewing things afar.

Xiaomi Under-Display Smartphone Camera
One thing many smartphones still have are unsightly notches, but Xiaomi will definitely change that in the near future. This week they unveiled their third-generation under-display camera technology, and it’s better than ever. Users will now be able to experience the front display in its entirety, thanks to a custom pixel arrangement and optimized camera algorithm that offer the same performance as normal selfie cameras.

Apple iCamera
Photo credit: Cha Hee Lim
Could Apple release a dedicated digital camera in the future? Probably not, but designer Cha Hee Lim gives us a firsthand look at what such a device could look like, and it’s called the Apple iCamera. For those who don’t know, the Apple QuickTake digital camera was first launched in 1994 and sold for three years before being discontinued in 1997. A total of three models were offered, including the 100 / 150, which were actually built by Kodak, and then the 200, manufactured by Fujifilm.

Model Rocket Launch Underwater
Warped Perception regularly films super slow motion clips of random things in 4K, and his latest shows what happens when you launch a model rocket from underwater. In previous experiments, he fired rocket engines underwater and under liquid nitrogen, so it was assumed this would work. However, he really wasn’t sure how the rocket would break away from the water’s surface.