Private Jet


Lilium Jet Air Taxi
We have seen the future of air taxis, and it includes the Lilium Jet. The company’s commercial air taxi service is set to launch in 2025, but they have just successfully completed yet another test flight in which the aircraft takes off vertically and then accelerates up to a speed of 40 mph, while ascending at 300 feet per minute. It then performs a 20-degree bank angle turn, increases the bank angle to 30 degrees, descends at 300 ft per minute, and lastly performs another banked turn before vertically landing.

Klassen V-Class Stretch Mercedes Vito
Based on the Mercedes-Benz Vito, the Klassen V-Class stretches the van into a private jet on wheels, or so we’d like to think. Each one is built to order and can be equipped with large flat-screen displays, video game consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, etc.), automatic folding tables, champagne flutes, a biometric safe, as well as a complete multimedia system.