Seiko TV Watch
Long before the first Apple Watch, there was the Seiko TV-Watch (T-001) from 1982. Featuring a 1.2-inch display, a separate external tuner for VHF & UHF (channels 2 to 83) channels, and an FM stereo radio tuner. Believe it or not, the batteries lasted for 5-hours of continuous use, which is quite a surprise considering even modern tablets don’t last that long. The top LCD screen shows the time / data / alarm while the lower for the video output.

Tiny Flexible Solar Cell
An international team of researchers teamed with Monash University to develop an extra-light, flexible solar cell that could power future wearable devices. Measuring just tenth the width of a human hair, these cells would have a lifespan of 11.5 years and have the ability to operate for over 20,000 hours with almost no quality deterioration, or 4.8-percent to be more specific.

Misfit Vapor X Smartwatch
Misfit has just unveiled their latest smartwatch, the Vapor X. Building upon the success of the Vapor 2, this updated model is now powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, all running on Wear OS by Google, making it the company’s lightest and most comfortable smartwatch yet. You’ll still find all of the classic features that you’re familiar with, including a built-in GPS, NFC, as well as a heart-rate sensor.