Seiko TV Watch
Long before the first Apple Watch, there was the Seiko TV-Watch (T-001) from 1982. Featuring a 1.2-inch display, a separate external tuner for VHF & UHF (channels 2 to 83) channels, and an FM stereo radio tuner. Believe it or not, the batteries lasted for 5-hours of continuous use, which is quite a surprise considering even modern tablets don’t last that long. The top LCD screen shows the time / data / alarm while the lower for the video output.

Tiny Flexible Solar Cell
An international team of researchers teamed with Monash University to develop an extra-light, flexible solar cell that could power future wearable devices. Measuring just tenth the width of a human hair, these cells would have a lifespan of 11.5 years and have the ability to operate for over 20,000 hours with almost no quality deterioration, or 4.8-percent to be more specific.