Autonomous Jaguar Consul Electric Supercar
Photo credit: Gregoire Mory / Hanchang Liu
If Jaguar made an all-electric version of the 2020 F-Type with autonomous capabilities, it might look something like the Consul. Think of it as a futuristic spiritual successor to the E-Type, one of the British automaker’s most iconic sports cars. This sleek coupe blends eye-catching looks with electrified performance, making it perfect for a James Bond movie. There’s no word yet on if this model is going to be AWD to maximize grip or RWD to let professional drifters have some fun in it.

Bugatti Next-57 Batmobile
Photo credit: Doinnext Cong
If Bugatti designed the next Batmobile, it might look something like the Next-57. This all-electric vehicle combines past and present into an eye-catching design, complete with rounded LED headlights as well as a mirror black finish. Auto enthusiasts probably already know that even early Bugatti models had engine blocks that were hand scraped to ensure that the surfaces were so flat that gaskets were not required for sealing.

Knight Vision R Shelby Cobra
Knight International is best known as a rare supercar and hypercar broker, but their latest project doesn’t involve any other manufacturers. Introducing the Knight Vision R, which draws inspiration from a bevy of classic race cars from the 1960s, like the AC / Shelby Cobra. Think of this as the modern version, complete with a carbon fiber chassis, an innovative roll-over protection system, carbon fiber front splitter, vented front fenders, a titanium exhaust system, a fully adjustable Ohlins suspension, ceramic brakes and carbon fiber wheels.

Vision 1789 Biomethane Hypercar
Photo credit: Vision Automobiles Paris
Vision Automobiles Paris may not be synonymous with hypercars, but if their latest project actually makes it into production, the name most certainly will. The most famous French supercar manufacturer currently is Bugatti, but the Vision 1789, named after the French Revolution, will definitely turn some heads, as it’s powered by a biomethane-powered engine.

Escapade Silverstone Home
Photo credit: Twelve Architects
Racing fans rejoice! Twelve Architects is planning to build 60 residences directly overlooking the famed Silverstone Circuit in England. Called “Escapade Silverstone,” these units can either be used as a short-term rental or purchased outright, should you just want to live there full-time. The community will include front-row trackside residences that all have direct views over the circuit with architecture inspired by the notion of ‘Slipstreaming,’ where a vehicle follows closely behind another and travels in its slipstream before an overtake attempt.