2024 Volkswagen ID.3 Facelift
The all-new 2024 Volkswagen ID.3 facelift has been revealed, and it’s looking quite sleek to say the least. Aside from the refreshed exterior, the interior combines modern design and sustainable materials, thanks to the use of microfibre material Artvelours Eco for the door trims as well as seat covers. This fabric that contains 71% recyclate and is a secondary raw material obtained by recycling plastic that has previously been disposed of as waste at least once.

Volkswagen Half-Track Fox T1 Tank Tracks
This Volkswagen T1 was originally manufactured in the Hannover plant sometime during May 1962 and Vienesse mechanic Kurt Kretzner transformed it into ‘Half-Track Fox’. It was then turned into a T1 with four axles and two have been fitted with a chain drive mechanism similar to tank tracks. The chains are mounted on 13-inch wheels and a Kretnzer custom designed aluminum elements with rubber blocks two centimeters thick to spare the asphalt.