Jet Capsule DuePuntoZero
Lazzarini’s all-new Jet Capsule DuePuntoZero is basically a mini yacht that builds upon its predecessor, starting with a carbon fiber and fiberglass body to keep things light Fancy night cruises? An ultra brogjt LED headlight system, complete with the ability to adjust light intensity and inclination, comes standard on this model. Plus, a water surface scanner up front ensures that you don’t accidentally run into some debris.

Slipstream Superyacht
Photo credit: Nauta Design
A superyacht is typically an ultra luxurious, professionally crewed yacht that ranges in size from from 40-meters (130-feet) to over 180-meters (590-feet). They are typically designed to maximize comfort, speed, as well as expedition capability, and are most often found in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. The Slipstream Superyacht by Nauta Design has all of these attributes and more.

Arkup Floating House Yacht
Photo credit: Craig Denis | Arkup
Called Arkup #1, this floating house, designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, is unlike any other. It’s a two-story 4,350-square-foot houseboat that’s part yacht and oil rig, due to its retractable hydraulic pilings that can lift the structure above water (up to 20-feet), keeping you safe in inclement weather, even during a Category 4 hurricane with winds up to 155 mph.

Adastra Superyacht
Designed by Sussex-based designer John Shuttleworth, the Adastra may look and sound like a spaceship at first, but it’s just an ultra luxurious superyacht. It measures 140-feet-long and is built for speed while not sacrificing fuel consumption. The watercraft has a top speed north of 23 knots, and only needs to refuel once every 4,000 nautical miles, thanks to the gratuitous use of carbon fiber throughout.